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Are you Struggling with Learning How to Make a Scrapbook?

For the longest time possible, I have been struggling with this idea of how to create memories of my late grandmother whom I was so attached to by the time of her death. On the other hand my cousins had gone abroad and we could hardly meet for drives and walks in the park as …

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Creating and Designing an Astonishing Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is more like freestyle art wherein you can use any material that you want and place anything to be the content of your project. However, there are decisions that you will need to make as to which type of materials to use, choosing the photographs and other contents of your scrapbook, and the decorations …

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“Why Scrapbooking is Fun for Kids?”

What is the most artistic way of journaling? It is scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a practice of combining and preserving decorated photos and other memorabilia. Actually, what are being preserved in this form of art is not just the photos per se; the stories and memories behind these photos are also safeguarded as well. These memories …

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Scrapbooking Project: Its Benefits and the Things You’ll Need to Start your Scrapbook

We always struggle with the idea of how we can properly preserve things that we adore, most of them are photos. In the olden days our forefathers did not have any attachment with photos hence they had no proper way of storing them. Instead they stuffed away in cabinets and drawers.  However as days went …

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Creating that Extraordinary Scrapbook

Among other things, photography is one of the very exciting.  The old folks had their photos in black and white but the technology has brought along colored ones that have a lot of beauty in them. This beauty needs to be well preserved. Poets are also passionate about their write ups and would want to …

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