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Build up your Scrapbook Page Ideas with Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies

I got married at a very young age and my husband decided to take me for the honeymoon in Turkey. Turkey is known to have very wonderful destinations with good scenes and that is one of the best moments I have had within my life. However I kept wondering how we would preserve all the …

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Making a Masterpiece with Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies

I was visiting a certain school the other day and what I saw with the young kids in that school kept me thinking” don’t small kids have great energy and brains?”  When I closer to one there was a lot of excitement on their faces because of what they had been able to achieve. Yes …

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What Scrapbooking Supplies Do You Require to Roll Out?

You have recently come from a vacation or a honeymoon with so many photos of nature and of yourselves. At some point you are wondering how best and safe you can store them so that you are can have them for more days in future. On the other hand your partner always surprises you with …

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