Simple Scrapbooking – How to Design your Scrapbook Layout

Designing your scrapbook layout is really one of the most interesting and exciting part of creating a scrapbook. Most people find this the most important part since they can design and create a unique layout of their own. So if you want to know more on how to design the layout of your scrapbook, here are some simple and helpful ideas to assist you.

The layout is actually the “pages” of your scrapbook. The layout entails what the scrapbook is all about so you really need to make it as attractive as possible. To start with, you need to pick photographs or anything you would like to put in your scrapbook layout which are related with your scrapbook. For instance you wouldn’t add pictures of your baby when your scrapbook is all about sports. Therefore you need to accurately pick photos which are relevant to your layout.

Choosing the perfect color for your layout is also important since the color put’s life to your scrapbook. You wouldn’t use dull colors if for instance you are creating a wedding or birthday themed scrapbook. When picking the colors for your scrapbook, don’t use too many colors. Using too many colors will make your viewers think that the focus of your scrapbook is the colors you used in the scrapbook. Warm and cool shades are the most common color tones scrapbookers use. Three or more colors would also be perfect for each of your layout.

When it comes to arranging the photos you would like to add in your scrapbook, I suggest that photos that have a relationship to one another should be positioned near each other. For group pictures, they should be arranged in a way that they are all together in one or two pages of your layout. In selecting photos to be included in your scrapbook, It’s a must that you only include important and nice photos; photos that relates to the overall concept of your scrapbook.

One common issue when adding photos to a scrapbook would be the image size. Sometimes the image size is too big so the solution some individuals do is to eliminate the photo and choose another photo. But you can actually cut and crop the white spaces in the photo you want to add so that it can fit your photo album. You can also cut the pictures in circles or oval shape to provide more space in your scrapbook. By cutting and cropping the photos you are actually putting more work of art in your scrapbook. You can cut the photos edge and curve them – you just need to be creative!

I hope the things I mentioned above would help you in creating your scrapbook layout!



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