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Scrapbooks are one of the best gifts that a person can ever receive. It is made with much thought put into it, the materials in it are priceless, and the effort put into making one is something that one cannot just ignore. Primarily, it is used to preserve family memories, mostly pictures, but creative minds took over and use it for a lot more purposes. Some people use it for a gift for a loved one, containing pictures, love letters, and some usable souvenirs. Some people use it for documentation of different events. Some people use it for school projects. Some people offer scrapbook materials for sale and even offer scrapbook making services.

Scrapbooking is one of the most widely enjoyed hobbies in different countries including the United States. This is perfectly understandable because everybody loves preserving memories. People often remember a lot of good memories better than undesirable ones. Scrapbooking may be done with pictures and journal entries which one can look and read any time and be taken back to days far gone. This is also a great bonding activity with family or friends – making a scrapbook and looking at one.

This activity is perfect for everyone. It does not matter what your preferences are because a scrapbook is supposed to reflect the personality and the artistic style of its creator. Poets usually fill their scrapbooks with poems and symbolism, musicians usually fill their scrapbooks with song lyrics, fans of celebrities fill their scrapbooks with autographs, movie or concert tickets, and other paper memorabilia. Travelers fill their scrapbooks with plane tickets and postcards. Cooks fill their scrapbooks with recipes. Graduating students fill their scrapbooks with messages from their schoolmates, just like a yearbook. Anything goes with a common content – pictures of people, places, and moments that are worth remembering.

Creating a scrapbook is a very personal task. Scrapbooking people just let their thoughts and emotions flow into their hands, right to the scrapbook. The things that they write and the photos that they choose to put on the pages shout of who they are. Creative juices will flow freely because of absolute freedom with the colors and materials to use.

The existence of scrapbooking stores both in established stores and online shops is a solid proof that a lot of people appreciate this hobby. Different materials may be found easily as well as free printable decorations and an endless list of scrapbooking ideas. The existence of a large number of scrapbooking aficionados is your guaranteed support group to whom you can turn to if you have any questions, or if you need any assistance with your project.

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