Scrapbooking Project: Its Benefits and the Things You’ll Need to Start your Scrapbook

We always struggle with the idea of how we can properly preserve things that we adore, most of them are photos. In the olden days our forefathers did not have any attachment with photos hence they had no proper way of storing them. Instead they stuffed away in cabinets and drawers.  However as days went by and with introduction of colored photos, there are all reasons of keeping them in a better way. They help us carry memories into the future and for this reason technology has strongly recommended the aspect of scrapbooking which is defined as an art form of preservation by use of scrapbooks which are in the form of albums.

There are many ways of going around scrapbooking and apart from photos, other items that can be preserved in scrapbooks include newspaper cuttings, ticket stubs and notes from loved ones.  There are many designs that can be applied to have good scrapbooks and many have preferred having the images as a central element and a variety of embellishments like quills, flowers and decorated die cuts are added on the backgrounds to create a stunning image. Thus, the secret behind all this is being creative and tactful.

Scrapbooking has emerged to be a very popular and easy activity and the sky should be the limit for anyonewho wants to give it a try as long one understands the basics. Like any other project, scrapbooking has its set of tools that you are required.  Among the many tools required the very basic ones include:

  • Scrapbooking cutters like Scissors or any other cutting item. A circle cutter is used to make circular designs.
  • Scrapbooking adhesives with Double-stick tape being the best recommendation because it is strong.
  • Sponges for applying Colorants and the commonly used sponge is the sea-sponge.
  • Cardboards to place the photos and other embellishments.
  • Scribbler paints like chalk can be used to shade or color background images.
  • Pigment powder combined with other elements like ink and paint can be used to give a finished fine texture.
  • A pencil or marker is required to seal chalked, water-colored or stamped images.
  • Paint brushes of different sizes, widths and shapes.
  • A Paper trimmer used to trim both paper and photos. A rotary trimmer is preferable because it has an interchangeable blade and come in several patterns.

Scrapbooking being a fun activity has its set of benefits for those who embrace it. They include:

  1. It is a great way of managing memorabilia, photos or other documents whereby the scrapbooks will serve as a memory book and always reminisce the good old times.
  2. It is less costly and an ideal practice.
  3. You can give scrapbooks as gifts to family and friends especially to those that you are not in constant touch with.  This enhances the relationships between you and them and will always give you a smile and a good mood when you see their photos.
  4. You can easily apply your creativity on colors, designs, themes and textures without limitation.

In summary, scrapbooking is all fun for those who embrace it.

Image Source: (c) Can Stock Photo

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